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Raised Garden Beds

We build our Raised Garden Beds from garden friendly cedar wood, deliver, install into your landscape, and fill with soil to get you growing right. Let us know what your planting goals are and the soil will be amended to help meet your goals. When we leave your property, you will be ready to plant with ease.


See our Raised Garden Beds page for more information.


Our Standard Raised Garden Bed Special


We custom build our standard Raised Garden Beds utilizing garden friendly Cedar wood.


Our Prices include: Materials, Construction, Delivery and Installation into your landscape, and filled with a high-quality garden soil.


8' x 4' x 20" = Contact us for pricing! (Tax Included)


Custom sizes, wheelchair accessible designs, and other materials are available. Email us a picture of a Raised Garden Bed design that you would like, and we will aim towards bringing your vision into reality. Call or email us for your free estimate!


Garden Fertilization 

We custom apply liquid fertilizer utilizing high quality plant health spraying equipment. We help bring beneficial life and nutrients to your soils so that in turn you get high quality, nutrient-rich produce. Compost Tea’s, Trace Minerals, Mycorrhizal Fungi and other fertilizers will be applied to help improve your Home Garden health. Ask about our OMRI listed liquid fertilizer products and programs. We specialize in Foliar Feeding, Soil Drench, and Deep Root Feeding application techniques. 


See our Garden Fertilization page for more information.

Environmental Advantage Fertilization & Maintenance Program


All of our products applied in this program are OMRI listed. OMRI listed products are approved for organic growing. 


We have been extensively researching the best products to apply at the right times, and you will be thrilled with your garden soil health after taking part in our program. 


Ask for details and pricing. This is a three step program that will get you producing in abundance!

Want us to help you get growing? We offer a garden planting service that can be ordered with a purchase of one or more of our raised garden beds. Upon purchase, you can become eligible to have your garden be in our garden planting program. We offer annual planting, which can include: Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, Other Plants and Flowers. 


See our Garden Planting page for more information. 


Square Foot Garden Planting Special


Everyday Fruits & Veggies - $200 

Pollinator Heaven - $200

Flowers - $200


Customized to your desires, plant and seed availability, and you will get your own customized PDF of your Square-Foot plan

​Price includes: Plant pick up from a local greenhouse, seeds, planting labor, and if part of the annual planting program we will add additional soil or compost for rejuvenation. This price is for one 8’ x 4’ raised garden bed. Discount applies when you own multiple raised garden beds.


Ask us about your first-year discount!

Garden Planting

Tree Fertilization

We aim at helping your trees thrive in your landscape, whether that be helping your fruit tree’s produce fruit in abundance or providing preventative maintenance fertilization to maintain and encourage healthy tree growth or help sick trees become healthy again. We specialize in Foliar Feeding, Soil Drench, and Deep Root Feeding application techniques.

See our Tree Fertilization page for more information.

*Soil tests may be needed to provide high quality services; we collect and send our samples to the U of MN Soil Testing Laboratory.

Tree Planting

One way to promote a healthy environment is to plant trees that flourish in your landscape. When going through your tree planting process, we will analyze your site conditions, which includes: space availability for tree growth up, your soil conditions and land availability, soil moisture, and sunlight conditions. Let us know your goals, whether it be fruit trees, privacy, shade, or beauty.


See our Tree & Shrub planting page for more information.

Fruit Tree Planting Special

TWO varieties of 6'-8' Apple, Pear, Apricot, or Plum trees delivered and planted along with our Fruit Tree Fertilization package for best success

Two varieties are necessary for your landscape as one variety serves as a source of pollen for the other variety. This process is required for fruit production.


Contact us for pricing and availability!


Discount applies when purchasing multiple fruit trees!

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