Garden Fertilization

We want you to have healthy, happy plants so that you can harvest healthy, nutrient-filled produce by the end of our Minnesota growing season. We do this by aiming towards creating a healthy soil food web by bringing beneficial life and nutrients to your garden soils and plants!

Environmental Advantage Fertilization Program


1st Application – Liquid Plant Food, Mycorrhizal Fungi & watering

2nd Application - Trace Minerals (liquid & solid form) & watering

3rd Application - Liquid Compost Tea or EM1 (effective microorganisms) & watering

Custom Programs

How we begin: Let's start with a soil test and measure the size of your garden.

We specialize in Foliar Feeding, Soil Drench, and Deep Root Feeding application techniques utilizing high quality plant health spraying techniques.


We do love and apply OMRI listed products! (Not all fertilizer products are OMRI listed, those that are not OMRI listed are carefully selected)

Growing results may exceed your expectations

Call Zack @ (320) 232-5741 to help get your Garden producing in abundance!