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Tree Service Owner
Zachary Clark - Founder and Program Developer
 ISA Certified Arborist®
My little family and I live in rural Browerville, near the Lincoln Lakes area. See pictured: Myself, my wife, Tori, and our two dogs, Rainy and Bentley. My goal for Environmental Advantage is to be a dependable, high quality Tree Service that our clientele can enjoy from start to finish. Each of our services will have a purpose, which will create a positive impact for all of our clientele and environment. I am continuously working on the improvement of our company and am very hopeful that all of our clientele will have a great experience working with Environmental Advantage.
Mitchel Magee - Project Manager
Mitchel - Project Manager - Tree Service
Mitchel was part of the Environmental Advantage team on our first ever job. After his first stint with Environmental Advantage, he went down to finish up his degree at the University of Northwestern, St. Paul campus. His degree is a Bachelor of Science, Kinesiology. He met his wife Bridgette at college and they now reside at their home in Little Falls, MN. Mitchel will be your main point of contact for most Environmental Advantage Tree Pruning and Tree Removal projects and he looks forward to making your experience with our company a great one!
Alex - Lead Arborist
Alex - Lead Arborist - Tree Service
Alex brings an experienced, educated approach to your tree pruning and tree removal projects. You will see him leading our crew to make sure your projects are done with care, safely, of high quality, and completely. Alex acquired his Horticulture A.A.S. degree from Central Lakes College in Brainerd, MN and puts his knowledge of the environment into practice everyday on our job sites.
Branden - Tree Care Technician
Branden - Tree Care Technician - Tree Service
Branden has put many hours of hard work and sweat into this company since his very first day. He takes the hard work and puts it on his shoulder's so that you don't have to. Catch Branden working smoothly with our chainsaws on the ground, operating equipment, and you might just see him go up in the air every now and then. He is skilled with a chainsaw and knows how to use it. He brings a hard work ethic to our team that allows us to complete those tough tasks in a timely manner. 
Marlon - Tree Care
Marlon - Tree Care Technician - Tree Service and Soil Restoration
Marlon brings a willingness to learn, a positive attitude, a witty sense of humor, a good work ethic, and cares about the work he does on our Tree Care job sites. Marlon's willingness to help our Earth's trees thrive has brought him working in both divisions of the company. He wants your trees to thrive and wants you to have a great experience along the way. We hope you enjoy Marlon's work and personality on your next tree care project.
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