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Soil Restoration Division

Our goal is to enhance the health, beauty, and safety of your Trees and Environment. We focus on what is happening above ground in our Tree Service Division and what is happening below ground in our Soil Restoration Division to achieve that goal.

Soil Injection Fertilization


We specialize in applying high quality liquid soil fertility products for TREES. We utilize state of the art equipment, conventional and/or organic products, and various application techniques. Our program's purpose is to add bioavailable nutrients, organic matter, and/or beneficial microbes to help improve the soil food web to optimize growth and overall health of plants and trees.

Various Options:

  • Organic Tree 

  • Prescription Tree

Air Spade

Air Spade

We use the Air Spade which utilizes compressed air to facilitate excavation, soil management, and tree health care within the tree's critical root zone. The Air Spade removes or loosens soil without damaging the Tree's delicate root system.


Our Main Focus for your Trees:

  • Root Flare Excavation w/ Root Pruning to remove Girdling Roots

  • Air Tilling - Helps with de-compaction, root development and aeration. We incorporate compost and natural mulch around the air tilled area.

  • Vertical Mulching w/ compost


If you want your Trees to thrive, this is the service for you.​


Soil Analysis

After collecting a representative sample of your Soil, we send the sample to a Certified Testing Laboratory. When we receive the results, we analyze the data and incorporate the information into our programs giving your Trees and Lawns the best chance of being healthy and happy.

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

One way to promote a healthy environment is to plant trees that flourish in your landscape. When going through your tree planting process, we will analyze your site conditions, which includes: space availability for tree growth up, your soil conditions and land availability, soil moisture, and sunlight conditions. Let us know your goals, whether it be fruit trees, privacy, shade, or beauty.

For Free Quotes, Please Contact Us @ (320) 232-5741

Quality Focused. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


We are a fully insured tree service with Workers' Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

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