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Tree Pruning

There are many reasons to prune your trees and shrubs, here are a few of the main reasons why we perform this service:

  • We prune to promote overall health of your trees and shrubs

  • We prune to maintain the intended purposes of your trees and shrubs

    • Proper pruning can maximize fruit production on a fruit tree

  • We prune to improve overall appearance of your trees and shrubs

  • We prune to protect you and your property from potentially dangerous or damaging situations

Some types of pruning techniques that you may hear us recommend and perform:

  • Crown Cleaning – Removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, low-vigor branches from a tree’s crown. This method can help with overall health and safety of your trees. This is our most common prune throughout the calendar year.

  • Crown Thinning – Removal of dead, dying, diseased, weakly attached, low-vigor branches from a tree’s crown. Also, included is a selective pruning method that may remove some live branches to allow for proper air flow, space, and sunlight to penetrate the rest of the crown. The arborist will make the call while pruning up in the crown and will only prune with purpose. The method can really bring out the beauty in your tree, improve the health, and also safety. Very common prune in the dormancy months and can vary depending on tree species.

  • Crown Raising – We may remove undesirable lower branches on the trunk of a tree so that you don’t have to worry about it rubbing on your home, your vehicles, or even hitting your head while walking or mowing your lawn. 

  • Vista Pruning – This is a pruning method that’s intention is to improve one’s view. Whether that be increasing visibility towards a lake, a field, a stream, outbuilding structures, or anything that you would like to see.

  • Crown Reduction – We can reduce the crown of a tree properly by understanding how the terminal bud’s work. This may be a prune that is necessary to maintain the tree’s form and structural integrity.

  • Structural Pruning – This should be done on young trees to develop a strong structure and desirable form. 

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