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Tree Service Division

Our goal is to enhance the health, beauty, and safety of your Trees and Environment. We focus on what is happening above ground in our Tree Service Division and what is happening below ground in our Soil Restoration Division to achieve that goal.

Tree Pruning in Baxter

Tree Pruning

Pruning has many benefits and purposes that can vary for each individual Tree.

Our Main Objectives:

  • Enhance the health of your Tree

  • Maintain the intended purpose of your Tree

  • Enhance the Beauty of your Tree

  • Mitigate risk of damage to people or property

  • Natural Pruning Methods available

Set up a Free Quote with us today to learn more about the best pruning method for your Tree.

Tree Removal in Browerville

Tree Take Down & Removal

Sometimes, the Removal of Trees from your property is necessary. Here are some reasons one may want to remove a tree or trees:

  • Keep you, your loved ones, and your property safe

  • Limit the risk of disease and non-beneficial insect transmission in your area

  • New building sites (Homes, Garages, Septic Systems, etc.)

  • Lumber

  • Open up space for your lawn or garden

  • Firewood to heat homes, garages, etc.

  • Storm Damage

When that time has come that you decide to remove a Tree, we can remove Trees safely, efficiently, properly, and with purpose.

Stump Grinding in Brainerd

Stump Grinding

This is an excellent add-on option for your tree removal project or contact us if you have an existing stump that you want removed. We have the right equipment to get the stump ground efficiently and effectively.

For Free Quotes, Please Contact Mitchel Magee @ (218) 232-8738

Quality Focused. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


We are a fully insured tree service with Workers' Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.

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